HP ENVY Phoenix 800-030qe Review – An Amazing and Effective Must Have Multimedia Desktop


If you should be likely to purchase a fresh background computer, you could also buy a fantastic one which will last for quite a lengthy time. HP has at all times been a leader once it comes to producing excellent PCs. Just take the HP ENVY Phoenix 800-030qe, as an example: it comes with each one the technology and hardware you might ask for. The create consists of durable materials to guarantee a very long living.

The exterior of the tower is protected by directional protect levels. That clearly was a negative window using crimson lighting shining . Not just could it be a well-build desktop, it’s also a great looking one.

The internal parts are simple to obtain. You wont need some tools so as to put in brand new good condition drives or hard disk drives. You are able to also swap parts should you need to. Even in the event that it’s the case that you don’t know a lot about computers, you will discover that obtaining the interior the tower is a more simplified method https://www.electronicx.de/yatour.

Another very good thing about this desktop is really it has a good fluid cooling system. The tech brings away heat from the chips so as to hold the inner components from overheating.

The HP ENVY Phoenix 800-030qe is ideally suited for multimedia customers and hardcore gamers. It is sold with whatever you need for conducting pictures easily and effortlessly. The processor is a 4thGeneration i7 quad core Intel Core version with 3.4 GHz. That is only the base option. If you are in need of somewhat more processing power, then you could enlarge to 3.5 GHz.

The desktop comes with good RAM choices too. It’s possible to pick anywhere from 8 GB (1 ) DIMM) into 32 GB (4 DIMM). 8 GB DDR3 is sufficient for most desktops. 16-gb or even 32 GB can make it one super successful system!

It should come to no real surprise an HP background in this way comes with some excellent graphics selections.

The NVIDIA GeForce default option is an 4 GB GT640 version which is included with VGA and HDMI adapters, together with support for Direct X 1-1. You are able to down grade a bit in case you do not think you require that much graphics strength. Two GB and also 1.5 GB NVIDIA graphics options may also be available.

There’s enough room for more than a drive and optical drive. You can even choose to bring a Sound State travel if you want. The SATA drive solutions operate at 7200 RPM.

For your own optical drive, there’s sufficient room for a SuperMulti drive and bluray driveway both.

Now you know what the H-P ENVY Phoenix 800-030qe has to provide – and it features a lot. Probably the ideal thing about it’s that it’s cheap compared to other highend multimedia wallpapers. There should not be any comparison – that one is just a must-have.

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