Online Poker Chips Away At Sexual Stereotypes


Women are being increasingly attracted to the excitement of online poker. Many professional women now shop extensively online and it is natural that they ought to explore different methods of having fun and spending their money on line.

As stated by the UK’s fastest growing poker website, Victor Chandler Poker, it is no more merely a person’s game. The typical female player will be between 24 and 25, internet savvy, shops online and it has a expert small business career Judi Poker QQ.

Why women are taking up Internet Poker

There are 5 Principal Explanations for Why women are taking up online poker

Poker is gaining a lot of media attention.
More and more girls are playing the sport professionally. The success of women players listed on the Women’s Poker Hall of Fame has created some effective role models.
The web produces a secure environment. Logging on to a poker website is nowhere near as intimidating as walking in to a male-dominated casino. Good internet poker rooms are moderated, mostly by women.
Online poker caters for the novice player in a sense that wasn’t possible before the web. To begin with, the anonymity suggests nobody must worry about looking stupid. Second, there are extensive hints, articles and tutorials online that rapidly educate the novice player.
Games could be played just for fun or for smaller bets. 1 fear is getting into a game where the stakes are continually rising. But fixed cost games mean that if women wish to bet, they know exactly how much they stand to win or lose.
Anecdotal evidence from the gambling industry suggests that traditional female traits like assessing difficult circumstances, taking in information from numerous sources, make women ideal poker players.

But do women really make very good poker players?

Research from Cambridge Professor, Simon Baron-Cohen within his publication”The Essential Difference” suggests that women and men do show different personality characteristics. These traits undoubtedly influence how both men and women play poker.

Professor Baron-Cohen identified three brain types – the female brain, the male brain and the balanced brain:

In the female brain called the E-type, empathizing is the dominant feature
In the male brain called the S-type, systemizing is the dominant characteristic
In the balanced brain known as the B-type, both characteristics are finely balanced.
As stated by Professor Baron-Cohen that the female/male gap isn’t absolute but typically, more females have E-type brains and more men have S-type brains. His conclusions:

Women are normally better at decoding nonverbal communicating, picking up subtle nuances and judging somebody’s personality. Even online, players exhibit certain’poker tells’ that will signify the strength of their hands.
Introduced to new scenarios, women will stand and watch while men rush in, looking for the center of care. The capacity to observe and assess other players before joining in brings an advantage
Males show more direct aggression while women have a tendency to reveal indirect aggression.
Girls are Getting More aggressive

Of course when that wasn’t enough to intimidate the male poker player, research from Purdue University shows they may face even stiffer competition from women later on.

Social psychology Professor Amanda Dickman surveyed over 800 adults on the personality traits of men and women and found that women are increasingly exhibiting personality traits typically associated with males.

According to Dickman,”Women are regarded as having become a whole lot more assertive, independent, and competitive over the ages.”

The potential of women’s poker on the Web

Research also demonstrates that women do indeed have certain personality traits that predispose them to be very good poker players. Increase this a layer of aggression and experience and it seems inevitable that potent and successful women poker players will soon emerge.

On-line poker sites have already noticed a substantial increase in women gamers. The industry savvy among them will probably be quick to observe that the opportunity and provide facilities and tournaments to encourage more women to playwith.

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